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Although we are dedicated to the optometry in general, we are specifically trained in some areas such as contact lenses and children’s vision.



If you have never worn contact lenses and you are interested wearing contacts, let us advise you which is the lens and the wearing and maintenance schedule that suit you best. If you dropped out of contact lenses because they were uncomfortable, vision was not good or suffered any complication, we have some strategies that may improve the fitting and we also work with different labs from overseas. Perhaps we can help you.


Our center is equipped with the latest technology, useful in the detection of some conditions, as well as in the follow-up of them. This technology will also assist us in the contact lens choice for each patient.  

Who we are

In our center, you will find a team with wide training and experience, backed-up by years of experience. Our team is formed by an optometrist and two assistants.

Carme Gallardo
Javier Rojas
Sara Calveiro

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We are entirely dedicated to provide the best eye care to our patient. Our goal is an excellence in  clinical practice, specially in the field of contact lenses. Continuing education, including internationally, is supporting our clinical practice.

Primary Care

In addition to providing you with spectacle prescription, we will perform a comprehensive examination to assess the alignment and the focusing system of your eyes, as well as to rule out eye vision health related issues.

Contact Lenses

We fit contact lenses to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, as well as in anterior segment problems such as keratoconus or other corneal conditions.

Dry eye

This is one of the most frequent complaints in optometric practice. However, we have strategies to manage dryness and to minimize its impact during contact lens wear.

Pediatric optometry

In addition to our contact lens practice, we are very actively dedicated to children`s vision. If you think your child may be suffering any vision problem, or if they simply have never had a comprehensive visual examination, please make an appointment.


I want to have a visual examination. Should I come to the appointment wearing contact lenses or glasses?

You can came wearing your usual glasses or contact lenses. If you usually wear contact lenses, came to the appointment wearing them, but bring your contact lens case and your maintenance solutions. If on the contrary you have contact lenses but you cannot tolerate them and regularly wear spectacles, come with your glasses but do not forget to bring your contact lenses and any information about them.

Please do not use make up the day of the appointment.

Are all maintenance solutions the same?

Definitely not. Although the most commonly prescribed solution for soft contact lenses are the multipurpose solutions (disinfection, cleaning and storage), any change in the solution can lead to irritation, discomfort or a decrease in the number of hours of comfortable wear.

In the case of the rigid lenses, some cleaning agents can cause damage on the surface properties of some lenses.

Let us advise you which are the solutions that suit you best.

Can I order my contacts directly?

If we have already fitted you with contacts, you can order them by email ( or by downloading the app.

How much time does it take for a visual examination?

20 to 30 minutes. For contact lens fitting this time can be higher, specially if you have never worn contact lenses, because we must show you the guidelines for insertion, removing and maintenance.

If a complementary examination that required extra-time was necessary, we will let you know. Sometimes it is not possible to perform the comprehensive examination and the fitting in a single visit and it is necessary to came to our center for a further appointment.

I have never worn contact lenses. Will I know how to insert and remove them?

Do not worry about it. Initially, we will insert and remove the lenses for you, and once we find the lens that best fits you, we will spend time with you, providing you with all the necessary instructions for insertion, removal and maintenance.

How many hours can I wear my contact lenses?

There are contact lenses with higher oxygen permeability, that can be worn for a higher number of hours if they are comfortable. Ideally, a vision care professional should check that the contact lens wear is not altering the ocular physiology. So let us advise you which is the best wear schedule for you.